Earn high-value knowledge and skills in eyebrow design.

Barbie Beauty Care is the reference for excellent eyebrow design, hair removal and skin care, come and live the experience of training with the best professional.

Prepare your future career

Develop one of the most demanded skills today in the world of beauty, improve your professional profile and open the doors to a new world of work.

Improve your skills

Increase your skills and knowledge to improve the performance of your business and get more customers, offering more and better services.

Professional Updating

Keep up to date with the latest techniques in eyebrow hair removal and eyebrow design.

Know Our Courses

Improve your knowledge and skills with these courses.

Eyebrow Design - Basic Course

During this training you will learn how to properly use and pluck with wax and tweezers, how to cut the hair, application of semi-permanent dye and Henna, as well as how to give the finishing touches with makeup for a spectacular result.

Eyebrow Design - Advanced Course

This course is designed for eyebrow artists with previous experience, or who have completed the basic course with us, who wish to increase their knowledge base and incorporate eyebrow lamination into their service category offerings.

Certificate Of Completion

Obtain a certificate at the end of each course and demonstrate your knowledge with them.

Meet Our Specialist

Bárbara Martínez

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